Wall mounted air conditioner mitsubishi kirigamine

delux-fh-inverter-2013More about the product: The inverter Deluxe FH has a high class of energy efficiency A+++ that allows you to maximize the economy of electro energy in both heating and cooling mode. For better room temperature control the indoor units of the model FH are equipped with the 3D i-see sensor. The sensor has an axis and consists of 8 sensitive elements that are in a vertical position. This structure of a sensor in conjunction with electro mechanic transmission provides the scanning of the space volume. The microcontroller that is installed into the electronic PCB, processes received three-dimensional temperature image of the room and defines the location of people inside of it. The airflow that automatically deviates from the user can be useful in the cooling mode when the straight airflow seems too strong or cold. As far as the heating mode is concerned, when most of the room has not been heated yet, the direction of the airflow should be primarily on the user in order to quickly create a comfort zone.


Testing of air conditioning - an important component of the system


Absolutely all units are checked up on operating capacity. For example internal block is filled with coolant to check the hermeticity and absence of hydraulic noise during the pass of Freon through the heat exchanger. Further unit is vacuumized and connected to the model of external unit and is operating for 20 minutes. During the test all modes and remote control operations are checked. Operating units is checked up for such parameters as noise level, power consumption, isolators. External units are checked up the same way.

Also, all new models are passing 3 special tests, developed by Mitsubishi Electric: operation with simulation of dirty filters and heat exchangers, operation in salt shower, operation with external unit permanently located under direct sunlight.